It has been my experience over ten last ten years in preforming Laser Hair Removal that it becomes more difficult to achieve quick results under the following circumstances:

1. If you have hormonal abnormalities like irregular periods or polycystic ovaries. Client who are patient will see excellent results but may need additional laser hair removal treatments for optimal results.

2. If your hair is red, blonde, grey, or white! Your specialist will assess the color of you hair and decide whether laser hair removal, waxing, or electrolysis is your best option

3. If it’s hard for you to make the time for an initial series of 4 to 6 laser hair removal appointments or fail to schedule your appointments at the correct time interval between appointments for the area being treated. The laser only treats actively growing hair follicles so timely laser hair removal sessions will give you the best results by treating the hair as it enters its growing phase!

4. If you can’t get yourself to stop tanning, using self tanners, or limit sun exposure thus creating a longer lapse in time between your treatments.

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