What is a Photo Facial?

What is a photo facial?

What is a photo facial? Many people have heard the term photo facial, but let us explain!

As the name indicates photo is light from photons of light and facial is a term is borrowed from esthetics to make the face look and feel better. Photo facials usually performed by an IPL device (Intense Pulse Light). An IPL emits a burst of light that is filtered and tuned to destroy brown pigmentation, bleach redness and rejuvenate collagen and elastin. Any woman or a man of 25 could benefit from a photo facial treatment.

Middle-aged persons 35 or older, by that time would have accumulated a fair amount of sun and weather damage on their skin. That damage manifests itself in over production of melanin pigment that pools together giving the facial skin a dirty appearance an uneven tone called discromia in medical terms. Further more fair patients who have light skin suffer a double whammy from sun and weather exposure and aging skin, rosacea like redness accompanied with some broken capillaries are often a direct result of genetics and life style. An medical grade IPL device in as little as a couple of visits should correct most of the discromia and redness as well as improve the appearance of the skin giving it a rejuvenated look with clear skin and a revived glow.

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