To Treat or Not to Treat!

As I’ve said before I have been preforming Laser Tattoo Removal in Massachusetts for over 10 years. In this time I have seen numerous clients with a multitude of health conditions. I found it essential that a complete patient history is very important when determining if a client is and ideal candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal. In my previous post I listed the contra-indications. Now I would like to go over the clients I exercise extra precautions when preforming Laser Tattoo Removal:

1. Skin types IV or above because of increased chance of hypo or hyperpigmentation and scarring.
2. History of keloid scarring because of increased chance of further keloid scars.
3. History of hyper or hypopigmentation
4. Uncontrolled diabetes because of delay in healing. These patients may need longer between treatments to heal fully.
5. Older clients may also take longer to heal.

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