Tattoo Removal Technology

Over the years, Laser Tattoo Removal, has provided us a way to observe the way laser light and skin tissue interact in a clinical setting. This interaction between laser and skin is determined by the wavelength of the laser light and its absorption by its target in the skin. Today’s tattoos have a wide range of colors present in them requiring the use of multiple wavelength lasers. Over the years, I have seen the laser-skin interaction firsthand in a very dramatic way when removing tattoos. Tattoo Removal is fun and exciting and continues to amaze me well over a decade after I first began performing laser tattoo removal. Tattoos remain extremely popular with people in today’s society. This popularity has placed new demands for advancements in technology that ensure laser tattoo removal will remain an important part in the field of aesthetic laser procedures. That being said, we are committed to offering the newest multiple wavelength technologies to better and more quickly remove our patient’s tattoos.

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