Tattoo Removal Consultation

Today I think it important to talk about our initial consultation for Laser Tattoo Removal. It is not only important for you, the client, who must leave with realistic expectations but is also important for the us to identify if the client will be compliant with post care or have unrealistic expectations. We stress that not every client that walks through the door asking for treatment can be treated, and some clients with unrealistic expectations or clients who stress that they will be noncompliant may be turned away.
The first thing I point out in an initial consultation is that while it may only take a day or two to get a tattoo, in contrast, it often takes 6 to 10 treatments or more to remove the tattoo. This of course depends upon the type of ink used, the skin pigmentation of the individual bearing the tattoo, and other factors. Thus, if a tattoo is going to take 6 to 10 treatments to remove, and treatments are spread out over 6 to 8 weeks, more than a year will pass before the tattoo will be removed. As a final note in my initial consultation, I tell the patient that the end result will depend 50% on how well I treat them with the laser and 50% on how well they follow the post-treatment instructions for care of the treated area. I also inform each client that they may have some residual tattoo left behind, although in many cases complete clearing is the result.

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