Reasons for Tattoo’s and Laser Tattoo Removal

Presently the reason people throughout the world are getting a tattoo are almost as varied as the designs themselves. Tattoos are placed for decorative purposes, to signify that significant person, place, thing, or to signify affiliation with a group or gang, to express ones belonging to a branch of the military, as a rite of healing, or even for medical reasons such as marking an area of the body prior to administration of therapeutic radiation. Cosmetic tattoos are administered to replace lost eyebrows or to substitute for eyeliner, to cover scars, birthmarks, or even unwanted tattoos. Tattooing of the skin can also occur to cover up scars from an injury or trauma.

Whatever the myriad of reasons people get tattoos, the reasons for wanting laser tattoo removal to erase them are just as varied. One of the most common tattoos that are presented to me for laser tattoo removal is the name of a significant other. Relationships end for various reasons, however the name of a once-loved one remains a constant reminder if it is tattooed in the skin. The desire for laser tattoo removal to remove these tattoos often occurs when a new love interest enters the picture.

Another frequent reason for Laser Tattoo Removal is the person wanting to join the military, police force, or fire department. Most of these careers are requesting that there be no visible tattoos that are exposed when in their dress uniforms. Recently, there has been a marked increase in clients in these careers requesting partial or complete removal of their tattoos that are clearly visible.

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