More Myths & Facts About Laser Hair Removal!

Myth #5: Laser hair removal is very expensive compared to waxing.

The Truth: Initially the cost of laser hair removal is more than shaving or waxing. As laser treatments are so effective, you will actually save money in the long term. At LaseAway we offer a Hair Free For Life guarantee package. This means that if you purchase our 8 Treatment Hair Free for Life Package once you complete the package we will do touch-ups to that area for free…

Myth #6: Laser hair removal is the only permanent way to banish unwanted excess body and facial hair for good.

The Truth: Laser hair removal is a proven tried and tested way to achieve permanent hair reduction. Usually 6-8 sessions are required for excellent reduction. In summary laser hair removal is able to permanently reduce hair in any given area and is the best solution for unwanted hair currently available.

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