Nail Fungus

Nail fungus (Onychomycosis) generally has no symptoms. In some rare cases, nail fungus may cause pain, limit mobility, and interfere with manual dexterity. Diseased nail develops a yellow brown appearance with eventual crumbling and disintegration of the nail plate.

Laser Treatments for Nail Fungus

The laser treatment is performed in an outpatient clinic at your doctor’s office, a Medi-Spa, or at a day surgery center. Shoes and socks are removed; toes and nails are cleaned with alcohol or a disinfectant solution. The laser handpiece is placed directly onto the skin or nail, a few bursts of laser light are emitted to each nail area. A laser skin thermometer is used to determine the skin temperature during the procedure to optimize the laser treatment. Two or three treatments are necessary and are usually performed at an interval of 2 to 6 weeks apart. Patients may resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Laser treatments for Nail Fungus are considered safe

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Treatments for Toenail Fungus

How does this laser work? The laser emits a brief but gentle burst of light into the targeted area. The laser energy heats the infected tissue, creating an environment where fungus cannot survive.

Does the laser treatment hurt? You may experience some discomfort from the laser treatment. Usually this will resolve as soon as the treatment is over. In extreme cases, local anesthesia may be injected into the infected nail area.

How long does the treatment take? Most treatments are performed in 15 minutes or less. No hospitalization is required.

Are only infected toenails treated? Even though only some toenails may be infected, the laser treatment is performed on all 10 toenails or fingernails since it is the nature of this disease to spread and infect other healthy nails.

How effective is the laser treatment?  In clinical studies it has an 88% effective rate or better, compared to the leading prescription topical treatment which has an efficacy rate of 10% or less.

When and what can be expect from the laser treatment? Toenails grow over a 9-to-12 month period. Even though the fungus may have died due to the laser treatment, a healthy new nail will not be seen for 3 to 6 months post-therapy. Once a nail growth cycle is completed, a new, healthy, white clear nail should replace an infected nail.

Causes of Nail Fungus Nail fungus infections are caused by dermal-fungi, yeasts such as Candida, and nondermal molds. Factors that may increase the development of nail fungus include: humidity, heat, trauma, diabetes, and underlying athlete’s foot.

Is Nail Fungus Contagious? Yes, it can be. The organisms can sometimes spread from one person to another because the fungus can live where the air is often moist and people’s feet are bare. This can happen in places like shower stalls, bathrooms, or locker rooms or it can be passed around on a nail file or emery board. Nail fungus may also spread from one of your nails to other nails.

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