Melasma Laser Treatments

Melasma, a particularly upsetting condition affecting mostly women with darker skin tones, is caused by hormonal changes that cause the production of the melanin pigment. These can be caused by pregnancy or using birth control, a reason Melasma has been nicknamed the “pregnancy mask”.

It is described as dark patches of brownish skin. They can be found most often on the forehead, neck and cheeks. These patches do not pose any health risk, but are worsened by sun exposure causing the condition to become embarrassing. The traditional treatments for Melasma have included bleaching and various crèmes; however they have mixed results and can have side effects and merely lighten the area instead of returning the normal skin tone.

The most innovative treatment for Melasma is the combination of various laser treatments.

The lasers break down the pigmentation so it can be absorbed by the body, returning the natural skin tone, texture and feel.

There are two types of Melasma. Most people suffer from superficial Melasma which can easily be treated with the laser in 3 to 4 sessions. Deep Melasma occurs in less than 10% of people and is more difficult to treat, it requires a semi-invasive laser and requires more down time.

No anesthesia is required, patients experience minimal discomfort. Typically, you may resume normal activities and return to work immediately after your laser treatment.

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