Laser Hair Removal

for All Skin Types (Dark or Light)
The LaseAway Skin and Laser Center offers the newest technology available in Laser Hair Removal for all types of skin. All of our lasers systems are FDA approved.

As established professionals in Laser Hair Removal, we offer complete and permanent solutions to unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal is a safe, fast, gentle, and effective alternative to shaving, tweezing, waxing, and electrolysis.

Advances in laser technology have allowed people with all skin colors, even tanned skin, to be treated successfully with minimal risk and side effects. We use the FDA approved Gentle Lase, Gentle Yag, and Gentle Max Laser systems which are perfect for all types of skin. People with gray, white, red, and blonde hair colors still present a challenge and are often referred back to electrolysis after undergoing a few initial laser treatments, this is because there is little to no pigment in these hair colors making them not the ideal client for laser hair removal.

Lasers remove hair by using bursts of laser light-energy.hair_removal2-210x90

Each laser pulse covers a specific sized area at an interval of one to two pulses per second. Therefore, smaller areas can be treated in the matter of minutes while larger areas such as legs, back, or chest, can be treated in about one hour or longer. The lasers target your unwanted body hair without damaging delicate pores and other skin structures. A specifically designed cooling device will be used to help protect your skin and aid in your comfort during treatment.

hair_removal-BA210x90We have a registered nurse on staff available for all laser treatments. Our highly trained staff is dedicated in providing you the with the highest quality services while maintaining a confidential and personalized care environment. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.

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