Laser Brown Spot Removal

Brown spots, age spots and freckles are now able to be removed with new laser procedures. The lasers work to target the brown pigment called melanin in the skin where these spots occur. The laser’s energy is absorbed by the pigment and breaks it down into tiny particles. This excess pigment is then absorbed by the body and cleansed from the system.

The brown spots fade as the skin heals after each laser treatment

The skin remains virtually unaffected by the treatment as the brown spots vanish. Although one treatment is typically enough to rid a patient of 20 to 40 spots on their hands, arms or face, certain spots may take more than one treatment in order to completely fade because they contain a large amount of pigment.

Unlike traditional treatments, such as acids, excision and freezing, the laser does not cause any scarring or any permanent change in the skin texture and color. It restores the skin to its original look and feel.

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