Laser Tattoo Removal & Your Skin!

Did you know that you skin contains three major color producing cells that absorb the wavelengths of light that are used in laser tattoo removal.

The first is Melanin which gives skin its tone or color. Darker skin types have more melanin. This is why clients with darker skin types 4-6 may experience some destruction of melanin when the laser tattoo removal 1064nm light is absorbed, usually melanin will re-generate by itself but lightening of the skin can be a permanent side effect of treatment.

The second color producing cell involved in laser tattoo removal is Hemoglobin (blood). The absorption of laser tattoo removal energy especially by 532nm may lead to temporary redness & bruising.

Lastly, the third color producing cell is water. Luckily the absorption of laser tattoo removal light is low for 532nm wavelengths and very moderate absorption for 1064nm wavelength.

So why is this important for you to know? Well knowing this helps you understand what the laser is doing to your skin and why our laser specialists uses different laser settings when preforming your Laser Tattoo Removal treatment.

As a result, when laser tattoo removal energy is absorbed by tattoo pigment in your skin, it is shattered by the laser energy. The fragmented ink particles are up to 100X’s smaller making the pigment easier to remove from the body tissue.

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