Laser Tattoo Removal to Erase the Mistake of the Past!

In the last 10 years performing Laser Tattoo Removal in Massachusetts I have seen it all… Everything from inappropriate words, bad art, and yes those tattoos where you think, “What were they thinking?” Luckily “changing your mind” is an option for people who have deep regret about their body art.

So if you are experiencing ink regret and are considering Laser Tattoo Removal just remember its a slow process. You will watch your tattoo fade away gradually. Most people say the laser feels like a rubber band snapping at your skin. Most people easily bear the quick treatment. Post treatment it swells up and may feel like a sunburn.

Don’t try to rush your treatments and push them closer together… The time between your treatments allows the fragmented ink to be absorbed as well as giving your skin ample time to heal.

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