LaseAway does everything from laser lipo to tattoo removal and more.

North Andover MA, January 9— LaseAway Skin & Laser Centers ( offers a wide range of treatments for the hair, body and face. In addition to facials and microdermabrasion, LaseAway offers a number of medical and cosmetic laser treatments. These include everything from acne scar treatment and laser hair treatment to laser lipo, nail fungus treatment and tattoo removal. Other treatments include hair removal, laser treatment for thinning hair and laser skin resurfacing.

We see many patients who want laser lipo body contouring,” says Cathleen Bourouphael, a registered nurse and laser specialist at LaseAway. “People like it because it offers an easy, painless way to help remove love handles, belly flab and fat from the back and buttocks,” she said. “The laser breaks up fat below the skin. The results are quickly noticeable and measurable.”

Cathleen says they are also seeing lots of patients who want tattoo removal. “Before lasers, getting a tattoo removal often involved surgery or other painful procedures,” she said. “Today, lasers go just below the skin and break up the tattoo ink and it gets metabolized by the body and disappears.”

According to Cathy, most people are surprised to learn that dark tattoo inks are more easily removed and in fewer sessions that light inks such as pink or yellow. It’s because the dark inks absorb more of the laser and are broken up more easily.

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