LaseAway does everything from laser hair removal to skin tightening and more.

North Andover MA, February 14— LaseAway Skin & Laser Centers ( offers a complete array of treatments for the body, face and hair. One of the most popular treatments at Laseaway is laser hair removal.

“There have been many advances in laser hair removal,” says Cathleen Bourouphael, a registered nurse and laser specialist at LaseAway. “At Laseaway we use the newest FDA approved laser hair removal systems, including Gentle Lase, Gentle Yag and Gentle Max which work for all types of skins.” The laser removes hair by targeting just the hair follicle while leaving delicate pores and skin structures intact. The laser is adjusted to have maximum effect on the hair and it’s follicle.

In addition to laser hair removal, Laseaway performs skin tightening procedures using elŌs Sublime™ laser technology. Sublime skin tightening combines bi-polar radio frequency and light wave energy stimulate production of collagen through precise heating of the dermal layer of the skin. In addition to helping improve overall skin quality, Sublime skin tightening gradually improves fine facial lines and wrinkles as well as providing noticeable improvement to facial contours. It is especially effective around the eyes, nose and neck areas. Because Sublime affects the skin slowly and cumulatively, there is no down time and the improvement in appearance is gradual.

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Providing the latest, state-of-the-art treatments in laser therapy, LaseAway Skin & Laser Centers helps patients with a variety of medical and skin issues. Employing registered nurses and licensed and certified aestheticians, LaseAway is dedicated to providing professional, targeted and safer treatments through the use of multiple FDA approved lasers. For more information, visit

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