Facts About Laser Hair Removal

All the myths about laser hair removal have arisen because of improper techniques used by a laser hair removal provider or by clients who fail to inform their provider of recent sun exposure, tanning, use of self tanners, use of light sensitive medications or about sensitive products they have used on their skin.

• Laser hair removal treatments target the follicle of hair beneath the skin. If pretreatment protocols are followed it does not harm the skin.
• There is no such hair removal method which can permanently remove hair due to the fact that dormant hair follicles can become active at any age.
• Laser hair removal treatments can be undertaken successfully on any skin color.
• Laser hair removal requires fewer sessions as compared to regular waxing sessions. Even though is expensive, it is cost effective as compared to waxing.
• Laser hair removal requires only 4-8 laser hair removal sessions for excellent hair reduction.

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