Effective Laser Intensity and Laser Hair Removal!

It has been my experience that most clients have questions about what laser intensity is the most effective. It is important to understand that the laser intensity is always chosen for each client and differs from client to client. The most effective treatment is one where the client experiences a mild redness and swelling around the treated follicle. This is called peri-follicular edema and is the expected outcome from an effective laser session. Be prepared to talk with your laser hair removal specialist if you do not experience this after your treatment.

The number one reason why you may not experience peri-follicular edema is the use of lower the energy on the laser to provide a less painful treatment, however, it will require you to come in more often and more treatments to achieve your hair reduction goal. So remember, you need the laser intensity to be at a level that will give you the optimal results….

You can trust our laser hair removal specialists and know that they are using a setting that is appropriate for your skin type and hair follicle. Our specialists are highly trained in using the industry standard recommendations for laser intensity.

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    I have a small 2″x2″ tattoo that consists of red and black colors on my lower right leg. I need this gone! I don’t wear shorts cause of it and I can’t take it anymore!!

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