Contra-indications for Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal should not be preformed if you have any of the below conditions:
1. Pregnancy, or a patient trying to become pregnant. There is an unknown but possible risk of transfer of ink to fetus. Additional slight risk of miscarriage due to stress of procedure.
2. Breast-feeding, again because of unknown but possible risk of transfer of ink to baby.
3. Chemotherapy within last 6 months because of sensitivity to light and compromised status of immune system.
4. History or treatment with Parental Gold Therapy,
5. Accutane within last 6 months.
6. Sunburned skin in area of tattoo
7. Auto-Immune disorders
8. Immune-comprised patients (ex. HIV, AIDS, Arthritis, Allergies) may take longer to heal or not flush out ink as well as other patients
9. Allergic reaction to ink, primarily red tattoo ink, may lead to increased chance of anaphylaxis.
10. Patients on light sensitive antibiotics

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